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A message from John Spencer Ellis, America's leading expert on fitness boot camp training programs:

Hi, and thank you for taking a minute to learn how you can find the boot camp training program that is perfect for your personal goals.  Since 1992, I have been helping people just like you to get fit, strengthen their bodies, and live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. Now, it is your turn. Obviously, we are all unique. that is exactly why I want to give you options for your boot camp training. There are times when you want to attend a local boot camp training program and join your neighbors for a fun group exercise class.  Other times, you may decide to do your boot camp class in your home. Regardless which boot camp workout you chose, you will need to have proper nutrition. You'll be glad to know I have carefully hand selected the diet program that will seamlessly work with your boot camp program.


There is something fundamental that everybody has in common: we all live inside a body that needs to be kept healthy and in tiptop shape for us to enjoy life to the fullest. People have various ways of staying active, some people finding it easier to do this than others.

For those who are not natural energy bunnies, but who still acknowledge the importance of maintaining a good fitness level, an easy way of getting into an exercise habit is to join a fitness class. Whether it is an aerobics class at your local gym, an outdoor boot camp or a seemingly more placid Pilates or Yoga class, joining a group of people all with the same end goal in mind will help you stay more focused on your personal fitness journey.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of joining a fitness group.

Meeting New Friends.
We all have our usual weekly routines, exposing us to the same people every day or week. Your work colleagues, the friendly grocer, your neighbours. Joining a gym, a boot camp or even a dance class will force you to interact with new people you would have never met otherwise.

Losing Unwanted Weight and Gaining a Well-toned Physique.
This is an inevitable result of exposing yourself to exercise, but when you participate in a group fitness activity, you can share the ups and downs of this process. Also, a bit of healthy competition can arise between you and your new friends. It is always easier to stay motivated when you are accountable to someone who will be checking up on you, even if it’s in an informal manner.

Learning New Exercises.
While your body is busy jumping up and down, your brain is not loafing. It is an active participant in the process, for instance remembering the complicated steps of the Zumba dance workout so that you won’t humiliate yourself the next week when you come back to class. Exercise will not only make you feel better physically, but will also give you a great endorphins boost that will improve your general wellbeing.

Reduce Boredom from Exercising Alone.
There are a few rare individuals who get a major kick out of exercising alone. They have no problem getting up to go to the gym before the crack of dawn on their own. They don’t need anybody to tell them that it’s a good idea. For the rest of us, we sometimes need that gym buddy who will force us to go even when we don’t feel like it. Knowing that your friend will be waiting at the aerobics class will motivate you to jump out of bed, or race to the gym after work to not make them wait for you. While you are sweating like crazy from all the hard work, it will also reassure you that you are not the only one suffering on the spinning bike.


And, if this wasn't enough, I've also included resources for you to take your boot camp experience to the highest level, and become a Certified Fitness Boot Camp Instructor.

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